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59th Street School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Address: 5939 2nd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043  |  Phone: (323) 294-5118  |  Fax: (323) 291-9424

    8:00AM - 2:25PM


    7:00AM - 4:00PM


    Our Mission Statement...

    The mission of 59th Street Elementary School is to provide our students many opportunities to become effective, self-motivated learners who can access, interpret, produce, and disseminate information, as well as become thoughtful, productive members of our society thus providing a framework within which all students can be successful. 

    Our Vision...

    The vision of 59th Street Elementary School  is to be an institution of learning, innovation, character building and academic excellence, that steers, molds and directs our student on the path of success and impeccable citizenship. 

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    We are roaring with Lion Pride

    Principal - Olivia Adams

    On behalf of every one at 59th Street Elementary, have and epic summer filled with good times, lots of reading and making memories!  See you on the first day of school August 20th!



    ¡En nombre de cada uno en 59th Street Elementary, tenga un verano épico lleno de buenos momentos, mucha lectura y recuerdos! ¡Nos vemos en el primer día de clases el 20 de agosto!

    Posted 6/10/19

    Posted 5/9/19

    Upcoming Events at 59th Street!

    59th Street Awesome Staff

    Olivia Adams Principal
    Charel Anderson 5th Grade Teacher
    Melissa Barclay 4th Grade Teacher
    Ayana Boze 3rd Grade Teacher
    Dr. Wade Brown Assistant Principal
    Tiffany Coy SDC - K-2nd Grade Teacher
    Columbus Curry SLD 2nd/3rd Teacher
    Veronda Finley 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
    Jasmine Ivy 4th/5th Grade Teacher
    Latonia McDaniel Kindergarten Grade Teacher
    Judith McIntyre Resource Specialist Teacher
    Renee Quarles SLD 3rd/4th/5th Grade Teacher
    Joyce Russert TK/Kindergarten Teacher
    Rebeca Smith 1st Grade Teacher
    Nicole Suber 2nd Grade Teacher
    Gabby Urbina Staff
    Kelly Watts Transitional Kindergarten - Expanded